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About Us


T&C Microgreens is an urban farm that delivers microgreens to restaurants and residential areas all over Long Island. Our company has been supplying its clients with the very best quality and selection in the Microgreens industry. We always provide fresh and delicious products to our customers for a fair price. It’s our companies mission to make sure our customers are always 100% satisfied.

When the growing cycle is complete, special care and attention in harvesting and packing results in extraordinary quality and freshness that outlasts all others. This allows for successful delivery of fresh Microgreens to all areas of Long Island directly after harvest.

“ This is as fresh as it gets! So order your favorites today and experience why so many people love T&C Microgreens ”


Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on all purchases of $25 or more. Orders under $25 are available for free on-site pickup or paid delivery.

Wide Variety of Greens

We have a wide variety of fresh Microgreens to choose from with great flavor to compliment any dish. Make meal time delicious & healthy.

Grown Fresh Daily

Our Microgreens are always provided to our customers fresh, so you’ll always have a nutritious, healthy and tasty meal.

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We offer a wide variety of fresh Microgreens to choose from. Shop our store and select $25 or more of our fresh Microgreens and we’ll deliver them to your door completely free.